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Poster: Tyler Date: May 2, 2005 3:10am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: MP3 after the fact

thanks for the link ... yes it is relatively easy to do if:

1) you are the uploader (and you are in this case). and
2) there is room on the server for those derivations to be made..

see the drop down status menu on the left? it shows you how full each rack of disks is.. if it's at 99 or 100%, the derivations won't be made because there is no room.. but since you'rs is a recent upload there should be room for it...

to make mp3's (or to remove existing mp3's) it is very simple. just go to the show's details page, click [edit] (near the top by the band name), and then at the top, uncheck the box that says 'do not make derivatives' and hit 'update' ... MAKE SURE you see 'format changes updated' or else it didn't 'stick'.. if it doesn't say that, go into [edit] again, check the box, update, go into edit again, uncheck the box, and at this point you should be fine.. what that does when you do it is it updates the files_xml file that is in that show's direcotory... then every 12 hours (at noon and midnight).. the system sweeps for changes and if it finds one (like yours) it will either run the deriver and make the mp3's or delete all the mp3s (whatever you told it to do). the process takes a few hours, but it should work! if after a few days it didn't work, post again and we'll get to the bottom of it..

EDIT: i just looked.. for some reason your show doesn't have the 'do not make mp3' box checked but there are no mp3's.. so you're going to have to check the box 'do not make mp3' > hit update > then hit edit again > UNCHECK the box > hit update... then you should be good to go.. try that out ..

as a post script.. the whole 'mp3s can't be made b/c no space on old servers' thing should be no longer a problem when the entire LMA gets moved to the petabox at the end of summer...

where there should be no worries with space and all the old shows should have derivations that want them ...

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